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A Note from New ATAP President, Cathy Henesey

I am so honored to step into the ATAP President role among a group of awesome board members who represent the spectrum of Talent Acquisition professionals.  I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the ATAP membership and the ATAP board for granting me the opportunity to lead the advancement of the TA profession and the ATAP community.

Since ATAP’s inception, our association has continuously enhanced our services and offerings aimed at advancing the profession. The Talent Acquisition profession is at the forefront of being a critical part of a company’s strategic plan. We are committed to improving the association’s professional development offerings, engaging the larger community, and becoming the leading resources for all Talent Acquisition levels. The board and I commit to deliver a combination of virtual, in-person, and social networking engagements as we navigate the ever-evolving work domain.

The ATAP Board of Directors recently adopted a new Strategic Plan that includes the association’s strategic direction for the next three years. Building on the early years of ATAP, five strategic initiatives were identified as priority areas of focus for the association.

The five strategic directions are:

  • Raise Awareness
  • Create Value
  • Become the Professional Home
  • Build a Legacy
  • Operate Effectively

The plan has a three-year horizon and will be used to help guide the organization’s operational and resource allocation decision-making to ensure that actions and investments are in alignment with ATAP’s vision, mission, values, goals, and objectives.

The success of our association is dependent of all our efforts together—from Volunteer Board Members and Committee Chairs to program participants.   We all play a role in keeping our profession at the forefront of regulatory changes and complexities that face the ever-changing workforce.  There are many ways to get involved and do your part in advancing the profession together. Here are just a few ways to participate:

  1. Lead or join a Committee – Volunteer to work with any of these great committees: Programs, Membership, Sponsor, Marketing, PR/Media, Global TA Day, Technology, Advocacy, and Certification/Credential. You can sign up online here.  Or contact us at or call +1-301-517-6872.
  2. Present at an upcoming Webinar/Other Programs – sign up at
  3. Like Us On Social Media – Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, then help us further the conversation by liking our posts and sharing them with your network!
  4. Participate and contribute to the discussion! – Join us for our monthly Happy Hour Chats, Webinars and our signature event, Global TA Day, on September 1, 2021.

In addition to our strategic plan, we plan to create a collaboration with other Talent Acquisition organizations. There are well-established organizations across the globe that we can start to build a bridge to unite as one TA profession. These collaborations will also include our focus on inclusion to engage all populations unilaterally.

Are you new to Diversity and Inclusion in your career? Then be sure to visit our Diversity Equity Inclusion Center of Excellence at and learn about our 12 month comprehensive program.

If you have any thoughts about the strategic plan, want to provide feedback, or simply learn more about ATAP, please contact us at or call +1-301-517-6872.

Thank you for your involvement, interest, leadership, and support of ATAP’s Mission and Vision. I look forward to serving you over the next two years.

Cathy Henesey
Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals


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