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ATAP Announces New Professional Code of Recruiting Integrity

Washington, DC: 7 December 2017 — The Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP) announces today the release of its Professional Code of Recruiting Integrity. This Code will serve as a guide on conduct for professionals dedicated to attracting, engaging and selecting new hires for their clients or organizations.

The Code offers a credible and comprehensive guide for talent acquisition professionals. It covers five key areas including professional excellence, diversity, equity and inclusion, confidentiality, transparency, and commitment to the profession. The Code acknowledges the influence talent acquisition professionals have over hiring outcomes in organizations worldwide. ATAP Members will voluntarily agree to adhere to the guidelines in the Professional Code of Recruiting Integrity. Additionally, Members are encouraged to exemplify these standards in their own behaviors as examples in the profession at-large. To review the Code, please visit

The Code was developed through the leadership and guidance of a committee of experienced talent acquisition professionals with input from a broad audience over a period of three months. The Ethics Committee was led by Michael Kannisto, along with ATAP members: Sherra Bell, Debby Byrnes, Tom Darrow, Zoe Connolly, Gerry Crispin, Eric Dunlap, Hector Selberis and Paul Turevon. In addition to the robust ATAP Committee process, The Code underwent two intensive and thorough rounds of peer validation including the September TAG Recruiting Society event in Atlanta, and the ATAP Members-Only Facebook Group.


About ATAP: The Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP) is a Professional Association incorporated in Washington, D.C. and based in Gaithersburg, MD. Established in 2016, ATAP has the sole mission of advancing the Talent Acquisition profession. As a member-driven non-profit, ATAP will bring the profession together by building a body of knowledge, establishing global standards, advocating on behalf of the profession, and cultivating community at the local, global and virtual levels. Learn more ATAP at and follow us on Twitter at @ATAPGlobal.

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