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ATAP Releases Advocacy White Paper on Ageism and Hiring

GAITHERSBURG, MD – We all have bias. It is often innate and comes from our backgrounds, environments, and experiences. How do our biases affect the recruitment and engagement of older workers? Ageism and Hiring is ATAP’s first Advocacy White Paper, inspired by the personal experience and subsequent LinkedIn article by Jo Weech who openly discussed discriminatory hiring and interviewing practices she observed during her job search.

The response to Jo’s article and the rapidly increasing number of older workers in the workforce provided the framework to discuss the challenges older job candidates face when seeking employment, and what organizations do to prevent potentially discriminatory hiring practices. ATAP contends that eliminating age discrimination is not the sole responsibility of Talent Acquisition professionals, rather that everyone involved in the hiring process can support creating more age diverse employment environments.

This work was a major collaborative effort completed over a period of 6 months by volunteer teams of ATAP members who conducted research on hiring practices, historic and current employment environments, and relevant laws and regulations. All volunteers who participated were Talent Acquisition leaders in their respective industries, and this work would not have been possible without their efforts.

The initial findings of this paper were presented during the April 16 ATAP webinar for ATAP Members, Strategies for Attracting, Recruiting, and Retaining Older Workers and Overcoming Bias, facilitated by Jo Weech. An Executive Summary is now publicly available on ATAP’s website through the link below. The full white paper is available to ATAP members. To become an ATAP member, please visit

Ageism and Hiring White Paper

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Founded in 2016, ATAP’s mission is to develop a body of unified educational, ethical and measurement standards, advocate on issues that impact those in our profession, and build a global community of inspired and informed professionals. As the first inclusive association to advance the talent acquisition profession, ATAP will meet the needs of professionals dedicated to finding, hiring and retaining employees in organizations around the globe.

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