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Why We Became ATAP Charter Members

14 Reasons Why from ATAP Charter Members

Merriam-Webster defines a Charter Member as “an original member of a group”, but that’s a pretty basic definition.  There’s typically something deeper behind being a Charter Member of anything, something that generates pride, that demonstrates support, that creates an emotional attachment.

To date, ATAP has 65 Charter Members, an impressive number considering that we are just starting now to heavily promote membership opportunities.  So why more than have 65 people made the investment in becoming Charter Members in ATAP?  We thought that it would be better to let them tell you in their own words:

  • Jo Weech, Chief People Officer, Anthem Engineering: “I jumped on the first opportunity to join. I am anticipatory about the learning, defining, growing, collaborating, interacting, and challenging each other to excellence that will be harnessed through this association.”
  • Shannon Anderson, Principal Consultant, Recruiting Toolbox: “To get involved with a high integrity, selective, curated membership organization dedicated to the advancement of our profession. To make a bold statement about my commitment and ensure lifetime membership.”
  • Susan LaMotte, Founder & CEO, exaqueo: “I’m proud to…contribute to—and learn from—a community solely dedicated to advancing the practice of talent acquisition. There’s no better time to join a community like this.”
  • Grant Clough, Sr Advisor, TA Solutions & Process Effectiveness, AARP: “I’m lucky to live in DC where we have a strong regional organization (recruitDC), but that doesn’t help with networking with other recruiting professionals on a national level. I like the exclusivity of being an ‘original’ member”
  • Scott Weaver, Director Talent Acquisition & Development, Cumming: “I’m passionate about pushing the boundaries of what “great” is within Talent Acquisition and playing an integral role in the future of our community. ATAP gives all of us the opportunity to not only have an impact, but share that journey with like-minded professionals.”
  • Amy Denison, Director, ORS Partners: “The mission of ATAP to advance the profession is what resonated with me. I wanted to be on the forefront of this movement to advance Talent Acquisition. To be affiliated with a network of professionals that have similar beliefs and aspirations for the TA industry. The membership benefits were attractive for both my personal professional development and for the development of the organization where I work.”
  • Conni LaDouceur, President and Chief Sourcing Strategist, ExecuQuest: “I join ATAP as a Charter Member because the organization is committed to increasing the knowledge and success of Talent Acquisition professionals worldwide. I hope to contribute to and benefit from the fantastic resources ATAP will offer.”
  • John Sullivan, Professor, San Francisco State University: “We need a unifying group to build professionalism in our chosen field”
  • Lorne Epstein, Sr. SME, Talent Acquisition, GovStrive: “I believe that my participation in raising the level of professionalism in talent acquisition is a worthy pursuit. Cutting a clear path for those who come after us to do better, be more, and make a bigger difference in the world for all people is an honor and privilege.”
  • Sara Jensen, VP Business Development, Innovative Employee Solutions: “I found the possibility of helping to build a group from the ground floor very exciting. I also loved the idea of building relationships and sharing knowledge and best practices with others in the industry to be extremely compelling.  I believe continued learning is pivotal in growing in one’s career and this group seemed like a great way to learn from others while also sharing my knowledge and experience as well.”
  • Ryan Christoi, Managing Partner, KRT Marketing: “I’m extremely excited to be part of ATAP’s vision to further the talent acquisition profession on a global scale. As a data nerd, I’m specifically interested in helping to develop measurement standards in recruitment marketing and create consistency around source tracking / attribution modeling.”
  • Kevin Grossman, President, Global Programs, The Talent Board: “I’ve been involved in recruiting and recruiting technology for over 18 years and have longed for a membership association like ATAP focused solely on talent acquisition. Recruiting is an integral driver of business performance and its impact resonates perpetually throughout organizations big and small.”
  • Devin Caster, CEO and Co-Founder, ri’kroot’d: “We wanted to really be a part of what you had put together, and help create even more alignment [between recruiters and candidates].
  • Melissa Thompson, Former Executive Director TA, Citrix: “The world of Talent Acquisition is changing fast and is a key success factor for most organizations, so for TA to up level our capabilities and provide Professional development is a key to our continued excellence.”

Levy's ATAP Charter Pin

Charter Membership provides numerous benefits, including the right of first refusal to join and even potentially lead ATAP Committees, public recognition on the ATAP Website, virtual badges and lapel pins, and the personal satisfaction of making an investment in the future of the profession.

ATAP’s 1st Year and Lifetime Charter Membership options are available only for a limited time.  For more information, to sign up, and to see a list of ATAP’s Charter Members, please visit

ATAP Charter Members at the Spring 2017 ERE Recruiting Conference. From Left to Right: John Carrozza, Jeremy Eskenazi, Vinay Singh, Scott Weaver, Diana Meisenhelter, Danielle Monaghan, Brad Cook, Gerry Crispin, David Manaster, Kevin Grossman, John Vlastelica, Ben Gotkin

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