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Wednesday, September 6, 2023
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Click HERE to create your Circle account and gain access to the ATAP community! Here is where you can really engage with your fellow talent acquisition professionals by accessing open-topic forums, trending content, upcoming events and announcements, peer-to-peer discussions, volunteering opportunities and more! Once you’ve accessed Circle, be sure to “Introduce yourself”!

Benefits of membership with ATAP

Increase your
TA knowledge:

  • Access to industry news, research, updates and white papers through our online database inside the ATAP website here:
  • Regular content, direct to your inbox, through our weekly e-mails and newsletters, informing you of what’s happening in recruiting today and what’s upcoming on our events calendar. (Don’t worry, not too much…just right!)
  • Monthly practitioner webinar series: Learn the latest trends in recruiting and TA from some of our profession’s top movers and shakers!
  • The opportunity to attend our Global TA day-annual event PLUS access to prior Global TA day recordings so you can go back and revisit all the amazing content whenever you wish!
  • Access to monthly live TA events across the United States and abroad.


Get to know more people in your industry! Attend networking events, in person and online. For a current list of upcoming events, click here:

        Sharing of best practices
        and learning together:

        • Access to best practice content (Featuring thought leader interviews)
        • Quarterly book/podcast club
        • Monthly recruiting “live” roundtables


        Want to advance your skills further through an accredited certification? ATAP will provide you with access to professional TA and recruiting certifications. (ATAP member discounts, where available). Click here to see the current list of available certifications:


        Get involved! Volunteering within ATAP is a great way to make an impact on our industry AND make new connections at the same time! Click here to read about our different committees and choose the one that speaks to you:

        Job postings:

        Share job postings for your own organization or, post for yourself if you are out of work and seeking employment! You can find our job posting board within CIRCLE.

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