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Big Fish in the Talent Pool: Agile Hiring in the Roller Coaster of 2020 Demand

In this Big Fish episode, we are showcasing a learning session from #RPOACON2020 Virtual Conference in which Erin moderates a panel discussion with three Big Fish of the RPO world: Cory Kruse of Orion Novotus, John Hess of Advanced RPO, and Jason Krumwiede of Broadleaf Results. With Agile methodology from the world of software development as the backdrop, these leaders make the case for recruitment process outsourcing as a solution to the extreme volatility in demand caused by the Pandemic of 2020.

In this honest and fun conversation on how the challenges of this crazy year have forced everyone – including RPO providers – to rethink the way things are done, Cory, Jason, and John discuss their challenges and solutions openly. Everything from using daily stand-ups to stay organized and nimble, to project-based RPO to remove risks, to using new technology in ramping down and up support quickly. It’s a wild ride, and we think you’ll enjoy the banter between these experienced competitors and “frenemies”, including their predictions for 2021!

Other topics Discussed:

  • Sourcing innovation to drive diversity wins
  • Nimbleness with ever-changing roles and responsibilities
  • Aligning tactical actions with strategic goals in an agile way
  • Finding comfort in the chaos & learning to be okay during a lack of control
  • Leveraging technology and balancing in-person interaction with clients
  • The importance of self-awareness & self-reflection

Episode 28: Agile Hiring in the Roller Coaster of 2020 Demand

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