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Big Fish in the Talent Pool: Top 5 Things to Get Right in High-Volume Hiring with Debi Easterday of H2B

In this Big Fish episode, Erin Peterson joins Debi Easterday, CEO of H2B Consulting for a lively conversation, sharing from her own experience the Top 5 Things to Get Right for High-Volume Recruitment, including: 1) Right Org Strategy & Leadership, 2) Right Tech Stack, 3) Right Partners, 4) Right Metrics, and 5) Right Expectations. It’s a quick run through the park of these five “Rights” with definitions and details on each.

Other topics Discussed:

  • The option to digitize and humanize recruitment simultaneously
  • Conversational AI’s ability to reduce time to hire
  • Defining Large Scale Recruiting and its component parts
  • Enhancing consistency & continuity by ensuring the right technology
  • Why the right partners can make or break recruitment quality
  • Establishing metrics and standards for hiring success
  • Benefits of setting clear expectations for both candidates and Hiring Managers

Episode 30: Top 5 Things to Get Right for High-Volume Recruiting

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