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Collecting Voices from Around the Industry: Meet Eric Dunlap

Eric Dunlap, ATAP Board VP

There is an endless supply of activity in the industry of Talent Acquisition.

If your organization chooses to operate all in-house, the process requires the efficient inner workings of recruiters and hiring managers, the media and communications team, technology officials, and legal, to name a few.

If you choose to work with organizations outside of your company, recruiting agencies and media vendors are thrown into the mix, not to mention the recruitment technology platforms that have stormed the scene in the last two decades.

That’s a lot of people, a lot of voices, and a lot of information, all in one industry. That’s one of the reasons The Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP) has set out to bring all these voices and all that knowledge together in one place.

Meet ATAP Board Vice President Eric Dunlap, who has served 15+ years in Human Resources and most recently serves as the Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Cielo.

Eric is most excited about this all-encompassing makeup of the organization: by accepting all parts of the talent acquisition spectrum, ATAP is creating a body of voices that have never been united before, and will give the industry the best chance at bright future.

There is something for everyone in ATAP and the time is now to get involved. Take the first step to changing the industry by joining today!

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