Professional Code of Recruiting Integrity

This code of recruiting integrity was crafted by a team of ATAP members and peer-reviewed by dozens of recruitment professionals. It’s designed to reflect the desired ethical behaviors of our global profession. By agreeing to this code, ATAP members promise to engage in ongoing and active dialogue regarding ethical behavior as they coach and mentor other peers in the profession, and ensure their own professional activities meet the high standards set forth in this code.

Recruiting professionals provide a service that contributes to the successful development of organizations and individuals. Respecting the power of our influence over hiring outcomes while sourcing prospective candidates and mediating the interview process, the members of the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP) voluntarily commit to the following Code of Recruiting Integrity.

    I will maintain an active commitment to professional development and remain knowledgeable about current regulations, trends and tools relevant to the recruiting process so that I provide the highest quality of service possible to all parties involved in each engagement.
    I will serve as a strategic and vocal advocate for workforce diversity and inclusive work environments throughout each recruiting process.
    I will honor the trust placed in me when provided access to sensitive information including secure storage and ethical disclosure.
    I will treat all parties connected to a recruiting engagement with integrity and honesty by setting clear expectations, sharing information to which key stakeholders are rightfully entitled and revealing all conflicts of interest.
    I will proactively create, improve upon, and share resources, education, and learning opportunities with other practitioners.

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