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Global TA Day: Can we count you in?

Contributed by Bernadette Launi

International Accounting Day. Teacher Appreciation Day. Engineering Week. National Receptionist Day. Each an important opportunity to celebrate the hardworking members of these professions and all they do for their organizations and communities as a whole.

For the first time, there is a day to celebrate members of the Talent Acquisition profession. Beginning this year on September 5th, Global TA Day will take place on the first Wednesday of September each year. We will celebrate all who aid in bringing talent into their organizations — recruiters, hiring managers, staffers, sourcers, employer brand managers, and everyone in between.
Together with KRT Marketing, the Association for the Advancement of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP) has made it easy for everyone to celebrate.

#GlobalTADay is for all

Whether you are a Talent Acquisition professional yourself and you love your team; you were placed in your dream job by an agency recruiter; or are a member of a team that always seems to need a purple squirrel, Global TA Day is the perfect opportunity to say “thank you” to the TA professionals in your life.

KRT Marketing has made it easy to give a shoutout by providing ready-to-share templates. All you need is to add a name and photo and click “share.” And don’t forget to tag the person you’re celebrating along with #GlobalTADay! 

Join a Global TA Day event in your area

A people-centric profession by nature, it should come as no surprise that Global TA Day events have sprung up around the country. Within cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, NYC, DC, Austin, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Denver, New Jersey, Portland, and Dallas-Fort Worth, local communities are coming together to celebrate the profession.

In the spirit of the inclusive nature of ATAP, these events aim at connecting professionals, the sharing of information, and furthering the profession as a whole. Further details about the events will be provided on the Global TA Day website as well as ATAP’s social channels.

Not in any of these cities? Follow the hashtag #GlobalTADay to keep up with the excitement of the day and include it on any posts from your team sharing your celebrations.

Can we count you in?

The Talent Acquisition profession is growing faster than ever. It’s time to celebrate these individuals that work to attract, recruit, hire, and retain the talent that keeps businesses going.

Learn more about how you can get involved either as an individual or as an organization by viewing the recording of the recent #GlobalTADay Information Session (password: 69SekVPa).

We’ll see you on September 5th!



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