How to Celebrate

Social Media

  • Keep an eye on the hashtag #GlobalTADay throughout the day on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • When you post, make sure to use the hashtag, too!
  • Want to give a shout out to someone in the industry? Download the appreciation template and customize it with the person’s name and photo. Then post on social! Remember to tag the person in your shout out.

Celebrate Virtually!

  • Prepare the photo props by printing them out, cutting along the lines, and tape them to pens or other utensils to hold them up with. Upload pictures with your props on social media with the hashtag #GlobalTADay. Check out the hashtag to see who else is participating!
  • Print out the selfie cards to take photos with—remember to share using #GlobalTADay! The blank card is for you to write on with your own custom message.
  • Use our Zoom backgrounds for all your virtual meetings on #GlobalTADay!

More Ideas

  • Send a sweet treat, lunch voucher, or gift card to the talent acquisition team to celebrate the day!
  • As the Head of TA, thank your employees by sending a department wide email and acknowledging their hard work. Ask them to join you in honoring the TA profession on social media via #GlobalTADay. 
  • Spotlight TA employees on social media. Don’t just post a photo and what they do—share what they like to do when their talent acquisition hat isn’t on!
  • Host an educational event, i.e., sign your team up for a sourcing training, find new tool tutorials to share, etc.
  • Join ATAP in our virtual conference during the day on September 1 to hear from industry experts, plus join in on networking activities and round tables!