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Growing a Body of Knowledge to Support a Common Goal: Meet Robin Montri

Robin Montri

The Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP) places inclusivity at the center of everything it does. No matter your experience level, industry specialization, or geographic location, ATAP is for you.

This inclusivity is what Board Member Robin Montri is most excited about.

The Employer Brand, Recruitment Marketing, and Communications leader at McKesson advocates that whether you are a high school student interested in the industry, are retired from a long career in Talent Acquisition, or find yourself somewhere in-between, you have something to contribute AND gain from the global body of knowledge.


No matter what generation of Talent Acquisition you are in, we are all marching towards the same objective: connecting the right talent with the right position at the right time. That is how we are going to change an industry, and the business world as a whole.

It’s time we had a body of knowledge to support this common goal, and ATAP is here to enable us to build it. We need your unique voice in our organization.

Join and get involved today!

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