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Growing Careers and Business Alike: Meet Tom Darrow

Tom Darrow, ATAP Board

When we spoke with ATAP Board President Tom Darrow, he reflected on his many years in business and how much goes into an organization’s success.

Having served on various boards around the industry, consulted, and founded the executive search firm Talent Connections, Tom understands that to be successful you need effective strategy, superior customer service, innovative technology, and so much more.


But what has Tom also come to realize?


To be able to do all these things, companies first need the talent to fill these roles. That’s why he truly believes Talent Acquisition is the most important function of a company and what drives these vital positions every day.


According to Tom, that’s why what ATAP is striving to do is so important. Beyond just evangelizing about the value of Talent Acquisition, Tom is most excited about working with the professionals themselves in growing their careers and ultimately growing an even stronger industry.


Why? Because a stronger, more knowledgeable and better connected network of Talent Acquisition professionals means more candidates are being connected with the right companies, at the right time. And all of this translates into more efficient organizations, more satisfied employees, and an overall better working world for all.


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