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How to Write a Better Job Posting with Katrina Kibben

Submitted by Judie Reynolds, ATAP Marketing Council Member

“Job postings are the currency of recruiting… with 99 million posts and over 500 million clicks on the line, we better get it right.” Katrina Kibben – CEO and Founder at Three Ears Media.  

If connecting with jobseekers is important to you and your organization, then this is a must watch training session. Katrina Kibben breaks it down for us in her recent ATAP Global TA-Day presentation, “How to Write a Better Job Posting.” 

This 30-minute session will enrich your mind and transform your job posting effectiveness. You will gain insightful new perspectives; learn proven techniques and you will never look at job postings the same!

Get the inside scoop on the following: 

  • Tactics for writing better job postings 
  • The difference between job-descriptions, job-postings and job-ads 
  • Job posting length for optimal effectiveness
  • Partnering with your hiring manager and team
  • Job title best practices… stop guessing
Learn how to tailor your job posting strategy to match candidate’s needs, by adopting the following: 
  • Authenticity 
  • Pitch
  • Tone 
  • Clarity
  • Flow and pace
  • Writing for people
  • Inclusivity 
  • Structure vs templates 

Listen now and enjoy!  ATAP members get access to the recording as part of your membership.  If you need the password, please email

“Any person with a dream should be able to go on-line, search and find their job…” 

Katrina Kibben
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