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The Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP) is the only global, membership-driven association dedicated to advancing the talent acquisition profession. Our goal is to help you do your job better.

ATAP will support you and the profession along the way. You’ll gain new perspective as you:

  • Help to shape the future of the talent acquisition profession
  • Gain access to peer-reviewed content
  • Build educational, ethics and measurement standards
  • Expand your network globally

Who can join?

Membership is open to all professionals working in talent acquisition.

This includes corporate, RPO, staffing agency, executive search, contract, sourcing, employer brand, service and technology vendor professionals.

A Common Bond

Professionals who join ATAP have one thing in common: they want to be an active part of our mission to advance the talent acquisition profession. Find the membership level best for you.

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Sincerest thanks to our charter members for their investment in the Association and the future of the talent acquisition profession.

Lifetime Charter Members
As of March 4, 2018

Tara Amaral
Shannon Anderson
Marie Artim
Dan Black
Ronnie Bratcher
Alitra Brown
Jason Cerrato
Grant Clough
Brad Cook
Gerry Crispin
Michael Del Cerro
Tom Darrow
Lorne Epstein
Jeremy Eskenazi
Danielle Frank
Andrew Gadomski
Jodie Garrison
Ben Gotkin
Shelia Gray
Jason Hanold
Chris Hoyt
Marc Hutto
Teela Jackson
Michael Kannisto
Susan LaMotte
Jessica Lee
Cindy Loftus
Steve Levy
BJ McGuire
David Manaster
Brent McCombs
Diana Meisenhelter
Chris Murdock
Maureen Neglia
Conor Nicholson
Elaine Orler
Erin Peterson
Sarah Puil
Christopher Reardon
Mark Simone
Alan Strauss
Melissa Thompson
Paul Turevon
Suvasanamayee Viswanatha
John Vlastelica
Jason Wade
Scott Weaver
Jo Weech
Sean Wheeler
Kara Yarnot
Derek Zeller

First Year Charter Members
As of March 4, 2018

John Baldino
Shari Bilarczyk
Dawn Burke
Debby Byrnes
John Carrozza
Devin Caster
Ryan Christoi
Michael Crouse
Andrea DeDominicis
Jennifer DeLorenzo
Amy Denison
Nicole Dessain
Eric Dunlap
Roy Evans
Raymond Ferreira
John Gotham
Kevin Grossman
Angela Hills
Carmen Hudson
Sara Jensen
Christine Johnson
Richard Kolikof
Conni LaDouceur
Tony Lioi
Bradley Louwen
Heather Marcom
Danielle Monaghan
Edward Moncayo
Ann Montgomery
Nathan Ollestad
Laurel Roehl
Nisha Shah
Adela Schoolder
Vinay Singh
William Staney
Cindy Songne
John Sullivan
Jerome Ternynck
Marcus Thorpe
Bryan Vetrecin
Elizabeth Weier
Laurie White

Membership FAQs

We understand you might have questions about ATAP. We’re here to help. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Does it matter what level I am in my organization?

I am a recruiter at a staffing firm. Can I join?

I work for an HR tech provider, vendor or consulting firm. Can I join?

How long is my membership good for?

Does ATAP offer group or corporate memberships?

Is there a student membership level?

If my employer pays for my membership and I leave the employer, will I lose my ATAP membership?

If I leave the talent acquisition profession during the membership year, can I request a refund?

Can I share my membership credentials with others?

Are my dues tax deductible?

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