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Meet the ATAP Board: Jim D’Amico

ATAP Board Members

Building a Strong Foundation to Provide for Future Growth

Since the first plannings of The Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP) back in 2012, Executive Director Ben Gotkin and Senior Advisor Gerry Crispin knew that the organization had the potential to change the industry.


Flash forward five years and eight determined volunteers later, ATAP is on the path to uniting individuals from across the industry and around the world. Meet Board Member and Treasurer Jim D’Amico, who after over 15 years in the industry currently holds the position of Global Talent Acquisition Leader at Celanese.


When we got the chance to sit down with Jim, he expressed his belief that one major change needs to be made in Talent Acquisition: a return to fundamentals. By connecting professionals and thought leaders in the industry Jim hopes to bring recruiters and Talent Acquisition leaders back to basics, building a strong foundation to provide for future growth.



With this goal in mind Jim believes ATAP can have three main points of impact:

  1. Nurture newcomers to Talent Acquisition, developing them professionally to allow for a long-term and satisfying career in the industry.
  2. Keep long-term professionals up-to-date and on the learning curve, continuing to grow and build on their successes from over the years.
  3. Connect leaders in the industry to enable them to learn from each other and, ultimately, discover what the next big thing in TA might be and to successfully bring it into action.


There is something for everyone in ATAP and the time is now to get involved. Take the first step to changing the industry by joining today!

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