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Need Justification for Adding a Sourcer? Start Here…

Submitted by: Stephanie Kirt, ATAP Marketing Committee Member

By now the cobwebs may have begun to settle over your vivid memories of ATAP’s best Global TA Day Event to date and you are back to sleuthing over how you’re going to uncover your next hire.

Start by investing 30 minutes to get a recap on Vanessa Raath’s presentation, “Why Every TA Team Needs a Dedicated Sourcer.

I am fortunate to work on a team with a highly skilled, Senior Sourcing Partner. If you’d like to make a case for adding a sourcer to your leadership, use any of the eight reasons (the more, the better) Vanessa highlights in her presentation:

  1. Competition for talent just went global – long gone are the days you can focus on finding talent on a region-specific job board.
  2. 86{b82145e54dfbe3a58a59cec33300113b09cf99fd28d1209839483dfcfb952449} of the candidate population is comprised of individuals who are already employed and NOT seeking a job.
  3. This same group of passive talent are 120{b82145e54dfbe3a58a59cec33300113b09cf99fd28d1209839483dfcfb952449} more likely to make an impact on your business, vs. those actively looking for work.
  4. Direct sourcing cuts recruiting costs! Enough said.
  5. Sourcers are the “Talent Magnet” of your organization, at a minimum, you need ONE on your team.
  6. Allows you to focus on candidate and customer experience. A 360o recruiter can’t do it all on their own without a ball getting dropped occasionally.
  7. Employer Brand – A dedicated sourcer improves employer brand through nurture campaigns and community building.
  8. While referrals are a great and trusted source for talent, they are not great for improving diversity stats. A dedicated sourcer can focus on building and sustaining targeted diversity sourcing campaigns for your organization.

Now that you’re in a position to bring a dedicated sourcer onboard, Vanessa’s presentation also delivers on the traits and characteristics that make the best sourcers. In addition to being the “Talent Magnet” of your organization, a great sourcer is also passionate about their own personal brand and will have already established their own online credibility.

Growth hacking is a new concept (to me) Vanessa introduced during her presentation. It is also another characteristic talented sourcers possess. According to Vanessa, the best sourcers are likely “natural born Growth Hackers.”

If you are looking for the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and exchange ideas on sourcing or any other TA related topics, consider joining ATAP. In addition to building a community of resources, ATAP offers volunteer and learning opportunities to continue to develop in doing what you love to do! If you are a current member, you can access the full Global TA Day recordings here.  If you have any questions, please email

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