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Supplement Your TA Career with ATAP: Notes from the Board

Submitted by Julia Adler

Calling all service-minded folks! Whether you are new to TA or have a more developed career, we are looking to strengthen our team with volunteers throughout different functions within ATAP. Our board members note how ATAP has affected them and why you may also be interested! 

For those who are looking on ways to expand their TA experience, “ATAP was designed to help TA Professionals learn, grow and deliver for their organizations,” notes SVP of TA at Nielsen, Melissa Thompson. 

Volunteering with ATAP offers the opportunity to become a more well-rounded Talent Acquisition professional while helping others do the same. BJ McGuire, Director of Enterprise TA for Walt Disney, found “a way to give back to a profession that [he loves],” through ATAP. With the help of the association, “[he sees the profession] progressing into the most strategic HR function.” 

Chloé Rada, Director of TA, Technology & Branding, Sodexo, found value in the unexpected benefits of joining the board of ATAP: “Being an ATAP volunteer since day one has enriched my personal life in ways I would have never expected.” Volunteering with ATAP allows for TA professionals to “forge new relationships with engaged leaders and [gain] new perspective around Talent Acquisition trends.”

Learn more about volunteering with the ATAP Board here or on a council here

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