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Takeaways from TA Week, ATAP’s Official Industry Event

On January 28-30 in San Francisco, three important conferences, Employer Branding Strategies Conference (EBrandCon), Social Recruiting Strategies Conference (SRSC), and Talent Sourcing Strategies Summit, united for three days and one conference experience: Talent Acquisition Week

As ATAP’s official industry event, the organization was well represented. Two Board members, Allison Kruse and Chloe Rada, led educational sessions and two of our members were emcees, Andrew Gadomski at SRSC and Derek Zeller at Talent Sourcing Strategies Summit.

Gadomski kicked things off with a pre-conference workshop and ended day two with a session on Leveraging AI, Data Analytics, and Tech to Optimize Recruiting Strategies. It was a great session for all of us that know AI and analytics exist, but don’t quite know what to do with them yet.  


Kruse opened SRSC after lunch on Wednesday with her session, “Creating and Optimizing Content to Connect with Candidates,” and emphatically declared the importance of empathy in a content strategy. “Ask yourself: what are candidates trying to do or decide and what questions they may have. From there, you can create a monthly formula of helpful content that maps to every stage of the candidate journey.”


Rada was a keynote on Thursday morning with her presentation “Next Generation Talent Acquisition: Stop Focusing on Doing it Right, Focus on Getting it Right.”  As a self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist, Rada shared her thoughts on the candidate experience and instructed attendees to be real and transparent and focus on getting 1% better each day.


ATAP members and emcees, Gadomski and Zeller, kept the crowds energized and excited in their respective conferences.

As an added bonus, all registered attendees of the conference will receive a membership to ATAP! We are excited to welcome the new members from TA Week and thank GSMI for their support and encouragement. 

If you are a new member through the conference, be on the lookout for a “welcome” email in the next two weeks.   

For more, Symphony Talent and Stories Incorporated have written their own interesting recaps. 

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