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Together We Are Talent Acquisition: Meet Tara Amaral

Tara Amaral

There’s a lot of things ATAP Board Member and Secretary Tara Amaral loves about the Talent Acquisition space, one being how the industry is constantly in motion and always changing to best serve companies’ evolving business objectives.


According to Tara, who currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Fidelity Investments, one large change in the industry recently has been the heightened specialization of Talent Acquisition.

As professionals split off to focus on recruiting or media creation or technology platforms, to name a few, more “experts” are emerging within these specializations as a result of the focused skillsets.


On the flip side, one could argue this specialization mindset has distanced the different segments from each other along with the professionals within them. The unification of all these different Talent Acquisition role players, Tara believes, is the strongest asset ATAP offers to its members and sponsors.


Because no matter where you are on the industry spectrum, you have something to offer, and gain, from the global body of knowledge. Although we may all be within our own roles in the industry across all different experience levels, together we are Talent Acquisition.


The time is now to get involved and join ATAP today!

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