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A Peek at TA Week

Early this month, we invited ATAP members are invited to join us at Talent Acquisition Week 2023 in Coronado, CA, where attendees engaged in 30+ sessions over three days on talent sourcing, recruiting, and employer branding strategies.

A few of our ATAP board members, including myself, had the opportunity to speak to this captive audience while on one of two stages.

The closing keynote at TA Week was “Prioritizing Wellness to Attract and Retain Talent,” moderated by Dwayne Lay, CXO of GBS Worldwide. The panel was comprised of Dorothéa Bozicolona-Volpe, Principal and Founder of Social Espionage, Jenny Cotie Kangas, Director, Employer Branding, Awareness, and Talent Acquisition for Pandologic, Maren Hogan, CEO of Red Branch Media and myself. 

My fellow panelists and I discussed how Talent Acquisition leaders can prioritize mental wellness for both candidates and employees through inclusion, creating safe spaces where people can express themselves authentically, and supporting programs like ERGs and Affinity Groups to help employees find their voice. Among the strategies discussed were creating buy-in with senior executives, driving culture change through recruitment, programs like EAPs, and adopting apps like Headspace to encourage employees to engage in mental wellness activities.

One major takeaway from the panel was that measuring ROI for these programs, although convincing for executives, is not necessarily the point of wellness plans. To paraphrase Maren Hogan, “Mental wellness programs trump ROI. We do it because it’s the right thing to do, not because it saves us money.”

Atap covers these topics and more in our Circle Community. It’s the best tool for connecting with your peers in one place. Join fellow talent acquisition professionals to brainstorm, ask questions, and share ideas.


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