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ATAP Releases White Paper on Talent Attraction

There isn’t one standard way to create, execute and measure a talent attraction strategy, and that’s a good thing. There are so many inputs to this process including the health of the employer brand, business objectives, available resources, budget, and the list goes on. While a standard doesn’t make sense, our industry is ripe for the opportunity to have a framework that can be customized based upon all of these variables. An ATAP member and talent acquisition leader, Christy Spilka, interviewed 17 thought leaders to acquire the diverse expertise needed to create such a framework and it can be found in ATAP’s latest member white paper, “Attract: Creating, Executing and Measuring a Talent Attraction Strategy.”

Here are a few highlights: 

  • A comprehensive list of KPIs
  • Steps to capture source of influence
  • A roadmap for creating a talent attraction strategy
  • Advice for generating engaging content
  • Tips for creating a successful relationship with marketing
  • A guide to measuring recruitment marketing ROI
  • Expert opinions on the future of talent attraction

Christy is part of an ATAP research team that was assembled to identify the key stages of the recruiting lifecycle and provide definitions, KPIs, and thought leadership content for each stage. After the stages were defined, each member volunteered for an area in which they would conduct research and write a corresponding white paper. Following this release, we will be providing member-only access to the additional white papers as they become available: Cultivate, Select, Acquire, and Score. 

Talent Attraction White Paper

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