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ATAP’s 1st 100 Members

Late last week, ATAP gained its 100th member, Charles Clark. 100 is just the beginning though- ATAP is for all Talent Acquisition Professionals. In the meantime, we congratulate our first 100 members and thank them for their generosity and support. Membership provides access to participate in the critical work of the Association. Want to be one of our next 100 (or 1000 or 10,000…) members? To join and learn more about the levels and benefits of membership, please visit

ATAP’s First 100 Members

  • Lifetime Charter Members
    Tara Amaral
    Shannon Anderson
    Marie Artim
    Dan Black
    Ronnie Bratcher
    Grant Clough
    Gerry Crispin
    Tom Darrow
    Lorne Epstein
    Jeremy Eskenazi
    Danielle Frank
    Ben Gotkin
    Teela Jackson
    Michael Kannisto
    Susan LaMotte
    Cindy Loftus
    Diana Meisenhelter
    Chris Murdock
    Maureen Neglia
    Sarah Puil
    Suvasanamayee Viswanatha
    Scott Weaver
    Jo Weech
  • 1st Year Charter Members
    Shari Bilarczyk
    Debby Byrnes
    John Carrozza
    Ryan Christoi
    Amy Denison
    Eric Dunlap
    Kevin Grossman
    Angela Hills
    Sara Jensen
    Conni LaDouceur
    Tony Lioi
    Bradley Loewen
    Heather Marcom
    Danielle Monaghan
    Adela Schoolderman
    Vinay Singh
    William Staney
    Jerome Ternynck
    Marcus Thorpe
    Bryan Vetrecin
  • Annual Individual Members
    Dan Abouav
    Matt Alder
    Tony Angelucci
    Karen Arnold
    Mary Brogan
    Maisha Cannon
    Charles Clark
    Amy Cropper
    Beverly Curtis
    Jim D’Amico
    Rob Dromgoole
    Jeff Fleming
    Suzie Grieco
    Maury Hanigan
    Christoph Hilscher
    Emilie Hoffman
    Allison Hubbard
    Patricia Hughes
    Zabe Khan
    Ric Klinger
    Allison Kruse
    Holli Kunzelman
    Erica Larson
    Roxanna Maciel
    Brooke MacIsaac
    Alison MacKay
    Margaret Maupin
    John McBride
    Andrea McCarter
    Kim McDonald
    Rob McIntosh
    Simon Meth
    Robin Montri
    Romy Newman
    Kerry Noone
    Heather O’Callaghan
    Scott Pittman
    Katherine Prin Emery
    Pete Radloff
    Srividya Ramachandran
    Rob Rennells
    Bridget Reyes
    Faith Rothberg
    Steven Rothberg
    Tim Sackett
    Lauryn Sargent
    Gary Shaar
    Shannon Smedstad
    Jessa Snyder
    Heather Tinguely
    Tracy Tran
    Brian Ventura
    Angie Verros
    Molly Weaver
    Pam Webster
    Beth Wolfe
    Jennifer Ziegler

Are you ready to take the next step and join?

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