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Strength Lies in Inclusivity at ATAP: Meet Allison Kruse

Allison Kruse

For ATAP Board Member Allison Kruse, the global organization’s strength lies in its inclusivity.

The Director of Social Media at Kforce recognizes that to have a global and all-encompassing body of knowledge, first we need to have a global body of professionals.


ATAP is not about uniting just the big names in the industry. It’s not about gathering information from only recruiters or only agencies, and it’s not about the recruiting field just in the United States.

If you are a Talent Acquisition stakeholder in any way regardless of experience, location, or position, ATAP is for you. Your unique voice in the industry is vital to the creation of a global body of knowledge, and you will always have a seat at the ATAP table.

So join ATAP today and contribute to improve not only your career but an entire industry.

And that’s a wrap on your inaugural ATAP board members! If you missed any of our 2017 board member features, check out our blog to meet the rest of the team and learn why they think ATAP is changing the future of the industry.


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