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Taking Your Talent Acquisition Teams From Stressed Out To All In


Between the constant changes in COVID outbreaks and policies, the large number of open positions, smaller, stretched talent acquisition teams, and a demanding, candidate-driven market, recruiters and sourcers have been pushed to the limit.

With many of these issues not going away any time soon, the time is now to transform your organization’s approach to talent acquisition.

Join us to talk about ways to make life much easier for your talent acquisition team, including:

· Today’s challenges for TA teams
· How outdated attitudes hurt
· How the changing candidate market can serve as a catalyst to drive change in TA
· Why adopting a new mindset is key to differentiation
· How creating meaningful work for TA teams can improve the recruiter (and candidate) experience


Todd Raphael
Head of Content | Eightfold AI

Todd Raphael is the head of content at Eightfold, and interfaces with the HR and talent community. Prior to Eightfold, he produced conferences and publications for the talent field for nearly 20 years. He has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Sirius XM, numerous radio stations, and Time.


Rebecca Warren
Customer Success Manager | Eightfold AI

Rebecca has been in and around the TA space for 15+ years at a variety of organizations and industries in both full-time and consulting roles. She has been at Eightfold for just over a year in customer success, is the president of the Arizona Recruiters Networking Community (part of the Recruiters Network), and is passionate about helping people succeed. She loves (in no particular order) cycling, softball, watching hockey, meeting people, exploring new places, off-roading in her FJ Cruiser, youth ministry, hiking, home improvements (most of which her husband says are unnecessary), writing and facilitating murder mysteries, food (cooking, eating, and posting pictures of it on social media!), her family, giving back to others, reading, and fluffy Christmas movies. Her top 5 Clifton Strengths are Activator, Strategic, Futuristic, Connectedness, and Includer.

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