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Global TA Day is All About You!

Submitted by: Judie Reynolds, ATAP Marketing Committee Member

GLOBAL TA DAY is the TA conference that is all about YOU!

Are you ready to take part in the most extreme endurance conference of the year?

Then I invite you to secure your spot for Global TA Day by registering today. Get ready to experience 15 hours of global talent acquisition goodness brought to you by your friends at ATAP.

  • You wanted great speakers? You got ‘em!
  • You wanted the opportunity to network? This is the place!

YES! Celebrate virtually from wherever you are in the ?  world!

This is the time, and this is the place to celebrate, congregate, and learn. We have a super comfy platform that allows you to pop in and out all day and into the night. Join your colleagues from across the globe for 15 hours of talent acquisition goodness…curated with YOU in mind.

This is the coolest conference. I guarantee that you will be raving about it for years to come because ATAP has lined up the brightest and most dynamic industry speakers to share on the most relevant topics that you are interested in right now. You will literally be begging for more.

Here is just a sample of the lineup:

How YOU can get involved:

  • Register yourself!
  • Invite a friend, a colleague, or your entire team!
  • Share your favorite memory or picture of Global TA past with #GlobalTADay
  • Give yourself or your team the day off and/or blocks of time to enjoy sessions throughout the day.

Can’t wait to see you on September 1!

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