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Looking Back at Global TA Day 2021: No Such Thing as Candidate Control

Written by: Julia Adler, ATAP Marketing Committee Chair

It’s already been nearly two months since Global TA Day and I’m still soaking in new information from the session recordings (available to all ATAP members!). I just listened to Nathan Hill’s “No Such Thing as Candidate Control” presentation and… WOW! What a controversial and thought provoking topic.

Nathan spends a half an hour challenging the familiar idea of “candidate control” within a recruiting organization. What is candidate control? Nathan points to candidate control being a negative term used by managers when they are not happy with their recruiters. An example would be when a candidate is late or no-shows for his or her interview.

I loved the idea of “out with the old” (and negative)—but how, then, do we add a sense of predictability into the recruitment and interviewing process? Nathan replaces the idea of “candidate control” with “candidate influence.”

Nathan then breaks down what candidate influence looks like and the benefits of replacing the idea of control with influence. He points to building trust, presenting yourself as a professional, focusing on the candidate experience, and more throughout his session.

I don’t want to give too much away, so go check it out yourself! If you’d like to access Nathan’s session and more but are not an ATAP member, you can join here.

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