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Looking Back on #GlobalTADay

Contributed by Bernadette Launi

September 5th — what a day!

The first Wednesday in September, this day marked the first annual Global TA Day and an opportunity to celebrate all things (and people) Talent Acquisition.

For 24 hours, Global TA Day participants took to social media to spread their enthusiasm. By the day’s end, the #GlobalTADay hashtag had over 1200 total tweets, reached over 2.5 million unique users, and ultimately reached over 7 million total impressions.

Let’s check out how everyone celebrated the holiday:

Celebrating the day by celebrating each other

Talent Acquisition is hard work. Whether you are a recruiter, a sourcer, in employer branding — or any of the other positions across the Talent Acquisition spectrum — chances are you’re part of a team. And that team is everything.

From selfies to donuts to bowling, check out some of our favorite tweets from TA teams celebrating the folks who laugh, cry, collaborate, and ultimately share with them the adventure that is Talent Acquisition:

Organizations honoring their Talent Acquisition teams

Talent Acquisition is not always the most glamorous of career areas. There can be odd hours to accommodate candidates, fruitless leads, purple squirrels to track down. It can at times feel like a thankless profession.

Global TA Day became a platform for many organizations to honor their Talent Acquisition teams and all the hard work they pour into the organization. This thanks came in many forms, customized cookies and heartfelt shoutouts, to name a few.

For one campus recruiter at Disney, thanks came in a handwritten note from one of the interns she had recruited for that summer. It is interactions like these that reinforce the message Disney used all day long as they celebrated their Talent Acquisition team: We Change Lives.

Check out a few more of our favorite tweets:

Day well-spent learning and bettering themselves within the profession

For still other Talent Acquisition professionals, Global TA Day was an opportunity to grow in their careers. Because what better way to celebrate the profession than continuing to better the profession?

From workshops to conferences to networking, local events occurred in New York City; Dallas/Fort Worth; Salt Lake City; Atlanta, GA; Detroit, MI; Washington, D.C.; Denver, CO; and Lafayette, CA. Check out recordings from some of the events here and a few of our favorite shares below:

However you chose to celebrate, it was a day well spent honoring a profession that so often is focused on others. We can’t wait until next year!

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