Wednesday, September 6, 2023
8 am – 6 pm ET


Allison Kruse

Allison is currently the Head of Global Employer Brand at Baxter. She designs and implements global initiatives and programs that attract, recruit and retain talented people. As a strategist, she leverages her 16+ years of experience in recruiting, social media, branding and content marketing to bring Baxter’s employer brand to life. Outside of work, Allison loves spending time with her husband Rich and their dog Pacer, traveling, scuba diving and being outdoors.

Session: Employer Brand Activation Tips & Tools

Amish McDonald
Talent Acquisition Leader

Amish McDonald I am an accomplished recruiting and employer branding leader with 10+ years of diverse experience in VC-backed start-ups and fortune 500 companies. I specialize in talent scaling and have a proven track record in successful marketing and branding strategies. What truly drives me is my deep passion for connecting with people, advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and leading creative development. Additionally, I am also recognized as a renowned singer, actor, and entertainment influencer based in Atlanta, GA. My accomplishments include reaching the top 20 on the Billboard charts and appearing on prestigious television networks such as BET, ABC, Netflix, The Word, and more. When I’m not pursuing my artistic endeavors, I enjoy cooking, following college football, and hosting events with friends and family.

Session: Mind Matters: A Conversation On Mental Health

Andy Riabokin


Session: Responsible AI In TA

Brian Fink
Talent Acquisition Partner

Brian Fink is a highly experienced recruitment professional, specializing in recruitment tooling, Boolean strings, natural language search, and raw sourcing. With a reputation as a keynote speaker at esteemed industry events such as ERE, SourceCon, TalentNet, and Recruiting Daily, he is recognized as a leader and expert in his field. Brian possesses exceptional abilities, including C-Suite recruiting and research, staffing at scale, full-cycle recruiting, and the design and implementation of national staffing strategies. His understanding of pairing hiring needs with effective recruiting strategies is exceptional, as is his proficiency in training highly effective recruiting teams. With an adeptness for increasing company brand exposure and developing innovative candidate identification methods, Brian leaves no stone unturned in finding the best talent. His strategic partnerships with hiring teams, ability to recruit passive candidates, and expertly honed interviewing skills have resulted in high offer-to-interview ratios. An advocate for diversity and inclusion, Brian has contributed to long-range growth strategies in this area, with a specific focus on raising BLNA/URM. He continually innovates in sourcing options and excels in building effective working relationships. Demonstrating strong communication, organizational, and negotiation skills, Brian effectively executes recruiting strategies, manages candidate experiences, and ensures streamlined interview processes. He takes full ownership of the recruitment experience, from the overall recruitment strategy to on-boarding and coordination. He is adept at discerning job requirements, creating job descriptions, and developing sourcing models to build a strong talent pipeline.

Session: Deep Outside LinkedIn

Carrie Corcoran
Employer Brand Consultant
Carrie Cares

Carrie Corcoran, Carrie Cares Employer Brand Consultant, help companies remove the friction from talent attraction and enterprise hiring through recruiting operations excellence. Her focus is on assisting clients in better hiring through process improvement, the right–innovative technology, and training recruiters on the critical skills they need to compete for top talent. She started her career in employer branding over ten years ago when she worked for Working Solutions, a contact center solutions company. After Working Solutions, she returned to her hospitality roots and led global programs for Hilton. After Hilton, she went into banking and worked for BOK Financial, launching regional programs as their first VP, Talent Attraction. She started Carrie Cares LLC in 2020 and most recently worked for Heartland as Senior Manager Employer Brand. She’s an active member of the Talent Brand Alliance and Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals. She’s a connector at heart who enjoys giving back to job seekers. People have dubbed her “A Fairy Job Mother.”

Session: Video Didn’t Kill the Radio Star – It Helped the Recruiter

Chloe Rada


Session: Employer Brand Activation Tips & Tools

Chrystal Miller
Chief Executive Officer
GBS Worldwide

Crystal’s passion, extensive knowledge, and fresh insight has made her a sought-after writer, speaker, and reliable expert source for multiple media outlets including CBS, Fox News, Hanley-Wood, Mashable, Huffington Post, and ABC. She has conducted extensive global research into neurodivergence and inclusion at work, an issue impacting as many as 1:4 workers globally. As an industry leader, she is recognized for expertise in employer branding, brand strategy & marketing, reputation marketing, creative content, and digital strategic solutions. Her work in predictive recruitment marketing has helped numerous organizations refine and optimize their marketing spend as well as improve workforce retention through better hiring experiences. Her development of game-changing university marketing programs has been called “ground-breaking,” saving employers thousands of collective man-hours spent on college campuses, while strengthening relations with faculty. She has created brand, communication, digital, media, crisis PR, and B2B/B2C launch strategies for some of the biggest companies in the world.

Session: Big Brain Energy: Neuroinclusion At Work Starts With Talent Attraction

Christy Spilka

Board President, ATAP
VP, Global Head of TA, iCIMS

Christy Spilka is the board president for ATAP and the VP, global head of talent acquisition at iCIMS. Christy is responsible for leading the global talent acquisition strategy and team, ensuring that iCIMS has the right people on the right teams to achieve business success. With 20 years of experience, Christy is a passionate and avid supporter of providing top-notch talent experiences. Her expertise is in building talent acquisition teams that serve as a competitive differentiator. She believes that talent fuels organizational growth and the way that we attract, engage, hire, and advance top talent determines growth potential.

Session: ATAP Presidential Address

Elaine Orler
Managing Director, Consulting

Elaine Orler has helped global companies transform their recruiting organizations with actionable strategies and technology implementations since 1993. In her latest role of as Managing Director – Consulting at Cielo, Orler is a globally-recognized thought leader who is passionate about improving HR and talent acquisition, validated by her founding of Talent Function and co-founding of Talent Board, the organization which leads the CandE award program. One of the talent acquisition industry’s most sought-after thought leaders, Elaine has helped global organizations transform their recruiting processes with actionable strategies and technology implementations that optimize talent acquisition for HR professionals, hiring managers, job candidates and the company overall. Elaine is always tuned into the latest trends, works with practitioners and serves an analyst to the solution provider community to shape the way talent management and recruiting solutions are delivered.

Session: Optimizing Your TA Technology Strategy For Future Growth

Eva Baluchova
Global Employer Branding Lead

Eva is a 36-year-old Slovak who has made the Netherlands her home for the last eight years. With over 12 years of experience in talent acquisition across various sectors such as agencies, consulting, and in-house, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Eva has collaborated with companies of diverse sizes, setting up processes, and best practices for hiring success, employer branding, and organizational culture that thrives. Eva has built a reputation for her personable and human-centered approach. In addition, she has a solid drive to innovate through knowledge sharing as a trainer, writer, and international public speaker. Besides work, she plays basketball, reads books, plays board games and also just relaxes.

Session: How To Create A Brand Experience That People Remember

Gerry Crispin

Gerry describes himself as a life-long student.

He stays grounded by engaging a community of friends & colleagues every day- actively promoting the notion that Talent Acquisition (TA) is the ‘point of the spear’ of HR. Every stakeholder in the hiring process, especially candidates, must have their basic needs addressed.

Session: Radical Transparency

James Ellis
Employer Brand Nerd
Employer Brand Labs

James Ellis is an authority on employer branding, focusing on companies who think they have no choice but to post and pray for talent. He is the principal of Employer Brand Labs, a bestselling author, keynote speaker, practitioner, and podcaster with a wealth of experience across multiple industries for almost a decade.

Session: There’s No Excuse To Not Use Your Employer Brand

Janice A Handel Saade
HSI – Human System Intelligence

B.A. in Economics with specialization in Talent Intelligence and Management. With 15 years of solid experience in strategic attraction of human talent throughout Latin America and Europe; International Headhunter Expert. International Certification in Assessment Center and Competency Based Interviewing. Independent Consultant in the areas of Human Talent Management and Attraction at all levels and CRM Systems Administration. Partner in the area of Human Resources at HSI Experience. University professor and thesis advisor. English language teacher.

Session: Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn

Jenny Cones
Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor

Jenny Cones is a Senior Talent Attraction Advisor at a cybersecurity company, where she is responsible for recruiting top talent for hard-to-fill search assignments and helping candidates become part of a stable yet dynamic company. She is passionate about building strong relationships with clients and colleagues and supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives. Jenny frequently speaks at women’s groups about professional development and advocates for women’s entry into the tech industry. In addition, Jenny is an expert in personal branding and social media optimization, and often speaks on topics related to building your personal brand on social media and optimizing your LinkedIn profile. She believes that a strong personal brand and a polished LinkedIn profile are crucial for professional success in today’s digital age.

Session: Crafting a Personal Brand That Shines: How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile and Leverage Social Media for Success

Jenny Cotie Kangas
Director, Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding

Jenny (JCK) Cotie Kangas is a Director at PandoLogic/Veritone. In 2020, an accident gave her the gift of a beginner’s mindset. She had to relearn everything – how to talk, how to walk, and how the world worked. Without the guardrails gleaned from her past experiences, she could connect the dots in ways other people couldn’t. This newfound perspective has helped her become a powerful force for change in the world. Jenny is passionate about helping people Get Work, Right. The only way to solve the hardest of problems is by choosing to begin. Jenny was recently named to the TAtech 100 Most Influential TA Thought Leaders list.

Session: Resilient and Lean: Future Proofing Talent Acquisition

Jeremy Lyons
RecOps Collective

Jeremy Lyons is has been in the global RecOps space for 6+ years, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. He found RecOps Collective, a RecOps professional services and thought leadership group, and is also an Expert-in-Residence at Ashby. His ebook, Quality of Impact, was published by Eqtble at the beginning of 2023. His thought-leadership in the RecOps space can be found on OneReq, RecOps Collective, Medium, Substack, LinkedIn, and The RecOps RoundUp.

Session: RecOps: Past, Present and Future

Jim D’Amico
TA Leader
Holland America Group

Jim D’Amico has a diverse TA career spanning over 20 years. He has worked on the Agency side, even owning an RPO firm and on the Corporate side where he has established a legacy of building and empowering best in class TA organizations. He is well known for his Differentiated TA Model, his expertise in data and analytics, his commitment to elevating the profession for all, and his absolute passion for mentoring the next generation of TA leaders. Jim and his teams have won several awards, including 6 CandE’s, Best Large TA Organization from ERE. Jim has been named a Talent Innovator 3 Times by ICIMS, as well as one of the Top 20 Branded HR Professionals by Glassdoor. He has written numerous articles and white papers, has been quoted in the WSJ, and has had a series of articles published about his work by Dr. John Sullivan. He serves on the Board of Advisors for ThinkWhy/LaborIQ and TCS, and was an original board member and Past President of the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP). Jim currently leads Shoreside Talent Acquisition for Holland America Group (Holland America Line, Princess, Seabourn and P&O Australia).

Session: TA Turnaround: Building The Plane At 30,000 Feet

Joel H Lalgee
Business Consultant/Founder
Headhunter Media LLC

I’ve been creating content since 2019: I started on Linkedin but now create on Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter and have a combined following of over 350k across social media that generates around 7-10 million impressions a month consistency. I have a newsletter that gets released once a week, to subscribe use the contact me Link above. I offer one on one career coaching, company training on recruitment social selling, one on one personal branding help, and advising/consulting services. I work with Hirewell to generate new business opportunities.

Session: Using Social Media To Build Reputation For Recruitment

John Vlastelica


Session: Effectively Influencing Hiring Managers

Johnny Campbell
CEO & Co-founder

Johnny Campbell is a serial disrupter in the world of talent and HR. As founder and CEO of SocialTalent, the learning platform that helps you get work-smart, he works with some of the largest enterprises in the world (such as Disney, Cisco and Ikea) to help them future proof their organizations and build better workplaces.

Session: 10X’ing Your Talent Pool With Skills-First Hiring

Katrina Kibben
CEO and Founder
Three Ears Media

Katrina (Kat) Kibben is an award-winning writer and keynote speaker known for helping hiring teams write inclusive, unbiased job postings that help them hire the right person faster. Before founding Three Ears Media, Katrina was a CMO, Technical Copywriter, and Managing Editor for leading companies like,, and Randstad Worldwide. Today, Katrina is frequently featured as an HR and recruiting expert in publications like The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Forbes. Kat travels the country in their RV while dividing time between North Carolina, Colorado, and the dogs behind the name Three Ears Media.

Session: How To Turn Manager Wish Lists Into Unbiased Job Posts

Kevin Grossman
Talent Board

Kevin W. Grossman is the President of Talent Board and the Candidate Experience Awards. Founded in 2011, it’s the first nonprofit research organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience with industry benchmarks that highlight accountability, fairness and business impact around the world. Kevin has over 24 years of domain expertise in the human resource and talent acquisition industry and related technology marketplace. He’s been a prolific industry writer since 2004 and his first business book on career management titled Tech Job Hunt Handbook was released in December 2012 from Apress. His second book titled Candidate Experience: How to Improve Talent Acquisition to Drive Business Performance was released in 2022 by Kogan Page. Kevin holds a B.A. in Psychology from San Jose State University, is an HCI certified Talent Acquisition Strategist (TAS) and Human Capital Strategist and has learning certificates from eCornell on HR Analytics and Diversity and Inclusion. Kevin also writes regularly about positive parenting and personal leadership at GetOffTheGround, and he now serves on his local Santa Cruz City Schools (SCCS) Board.

Session: Candidate Experience Is Your Recruiting Competitive Advantage

Ky Cunningham


Session: Creative Sources For High Volume Recruiting

Lou Adler
CEO – Founder Performance-based Hiring
Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems, Inc.

Lou Adler is the CEO and founder of Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems – a consulting and training firm helping recruiters and hiring managers around the world source, interview and hire the strongest and most diverse talent. Lou is the author of the Amazon top-10 best-seller, Hire With Your Head (John Wiley & Sons, 4th Edition, 2021), The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired (Workbench Media, 2013) and LinkedIn Learning’s Performance-based Hiring video training program (2016). The latest edition of Hire with Your Head describes how to implement Performance-based Hiring to build outstanding diverse teams.

Session: Win-Win Hiring – Hiring for the Anniversary Date Not the Start Date

Matt Alder
Producer and Host
Recruiting Future

Matt Alder is a strategic consultant focusing on innovation and technology in HR and Talent Acquisition. He is the host of Recruiting Future, one of the world’s most popular talent acquisition podcasts, and, over the last 20 years, has built a reputation as a global though leader, working with with employers to optimize their digital strategies. He is the author of two books “Exceptional Talent” (Kogan Page, 2017) and “Digital Talent “(Kogan Page, 2022)

Session: The Road Ahead: The Next Five Years For Talent Acquisition

Melissa Thompson
Global Head of Talent Acquisition

In November 2021,Melissa joined Ford as the first Global Head of Talent Acquisition.  Melissa’s focus is to transform TalentAcquisition to effectively meet the business hiring needs. Key objectives inthis first year have been to define a global recruiting process model, develop metrics and reporting to drive operational excellence and deliver an updated talent attraction strategy. Melissa has heldrecruiting leadership roles at Nielsen, McGraw-Hill, Dell, Citrix, and Lenovo.She is a results-oriented, strategic Talent Acquisition leader with more than25 years’ experience in Global Human Resources and Talent Acquisition. Herexperience includes designing Employee Value Proposition, driving a “Passportto Recruit” training suite for managers, delivering ATS optimization and introducingthe foundational CRISP recruiting process model.Melissa isbased in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex where she spends time with family andreconnect with friends from both college and high school.  Melissa is a farm-to-table restaurant afficionado and enjoys beach vacations.  

Session:Using A Kaizen For TA Continuous Improvement

Mike Santoro
Talent Sourcer & Senior Recruiter
AllSearch Recruiting

Former Professional Baseball Player turned Advanced Talent Sourcer, Mike Santoro is currently Talent Sourcer & Sr. Recruiter at AllSearch Recruiting. Mike Santoro is also the Creator of Sourcing Tools: – “The World’s Most Robust Boolean Builder for (Recruiters AND Sourcers)” – “The Missing Facebook Recruiting Tool” Mike Santoro is a Certified Black Belt in Internet Recruitment and up-and-coming Sourcer & avid learner. He contributes regularly to online Sourcing discussions, publishes articles in industry blogs such as and is passionate about finding ways to optimize the sourcing process and elevating the value of the profession of Talent Sourcing. Mike is a man of faith and a family man, husband to a beautiful wife and father of 2 amazing boys and 1 beautiful baby girl. He and his family reside in York, Pennsylvania, USA. Mike has an MBA from York College of Pennsylvania and is also currently pursuing Master’s in Biblical Studies as an aspiring bi-vocational Church Planting Pastor.

Session: High-Value LinkedIn Sourcing – The Most Unique Ways to X-Ray Search LinkedIn

Mikey Weil
Talent Attraction Specialist III
Novo Nordisk

Mikey has 11 years of experience in Sourcing. He has worked in RPO, corporate, and agency backgrounds and has hired in industries like banking, manufacturing, veterinary, dairy, tech, and Pharma. He is a six-time conference speaker, having presented at Sourcing Summit, Evry1, SourceCon, and HRTX. He is a three-time Dueling Sourcing, an ERE panelist, a podcast guest, and has written blog posts for different sourcing publications. Mikey regularly posts on his own LinkedIn, providing job seekers and Talent Acquisition specialists with advice and is working on turning these into books. In his spare time, he enjoys writing movies, short stories, and music. He also enjoys spending time with his partner, their sons, and dogs.

Session: How To Use ChatGPT For Just About Everything

Peter Mahmood
Military Relations Manager
Cox Enterprises

Peter Mahmood is a retired Army Officer with 24 years Active-Duty Service. Peter is responsible for the oversight of Military partnerships and Military Recruiting programs for Cox Enterprises, and the Cox family of brands, including Cox Communications and Cox Automotive. Peter drives recruiting at (25) Military bases and many Veteran Organization partners, to support the Cox Enterprises strategy of hiring transitioning Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses. Peter has led Military recruiting at Cox, since March 2022.

Session: Military Recruiting

Sabrina Long
DEI Talent Acquisition Leader

Sabrina P. Long is a highly accomplished and awarded talent acquisition professional with an excellent record of leading and implementing strategies for various organizations. She has over 12 years of talent acquisition and human resources experience. Sabrina has worked with several national companies and national non-profit organizations including Wellstar Health system, Universal Health Services, Loews Hotels, and Hilton Worldwide. She is recognized as an effective problem solver with strong analytical and communication skills. Sabrina began her career in talent acquisition after graduating from Georgia State University with a degree in Business Administration. She has had the pleasure of building teams and creating processes throughout her journey. Prior to her most recent role in DEI, she led the largest service line in the talent acquisition organization for a regional healthcare system. Currently, Sabrina is a DEI Talent Acquisition Leader with a focus in DEI for dentsu International. She focuses on crafting data driven strategies that diversify the talent funnel and create an inclusive & accessible experience for all applicants. Sabrina is married to her best friend, and she has given birth to her favorite people. Sabrina is an Air Force BRAT who technically cannot answer the question “Where are you from?” Creating is her stress reliver and she enjoys crafting, writing, or event planning! She has been known to throw a Karaoke party or two.. or three ?

Session: Self Identification and How it effects Candidate Experience

Sarah Fell

Sarah Fell, MBA, LSSGB, SPHR, SHRM-SCP is the Head of Talent Acquisition for Great West Casualty Company and the ATAP Vice President. Sarah’s professional specialty is building teams to scale with M&A and organic organizational growth. Sarah is a firm believer in data and analytics as a foundation of operational excellence and has an MBA in Business Analytics from University of Massachusetts’ Isenberg School of Management. Sarah was named to Poets & Quants Top Online MBA Students list in 2023, and led HRO Today’s Recruitment Team of the Year – North America in 2022.

Having suffered from burnout as a recruiter, Sarah is passionate about promoting mental health in the workplace and creating spaces of emotional safety for her teams. As a neurodivergent leader, Sarah is also keen to foster adaptive environments for neuroatypical recruiters and candidates alike. Sarah enjoys speaking on a wide range of topics, including salary negotiation, veteran employment, workplace mental health, and the role of the recruiter as a talent advisor.

Session: Mind Matters: A Conversation On Mental Health

Tim Sackett

Tim Sackett, SHRM-SCP is the CEO of a leading technical recruiting firm. Tim has over 20 plus years of combined Executive HR and Talent Acquisition experience, working for Fortune 500 companies and he has his master’s degree in HR Management. Tim is a highly sought-after international speaker on leadership, HR &TA Tech, talent acquisition and HR execution. Tim is currently a Senior Faculty member with the Josh Bersin Academy. Tim is the author of the best-selling SHRM published book, “The Talent Fix: A Leader’s Guide to Recruiting Great Talent”. He also writes every day at his blog the Tim Sackett Project. He also does a weekly podcast called HR Famous.

Session: The Future of Employees: If Robots Do All The Work, What Will Humans Do?

Tina Flores
Sr. Executive Recruiter

As a *professional* purple squirrel huntress, Tina has been uncovering hard to find talent for hard to fill roles for the majority of the last two (2) decades. She has recruited for many C-Level positions including everything from clowns (literally – big shoes and red noses) to CEOs. Her recruitment style is rooted in performance based methodology while supported by her master’s level education (x2) from WGU. A lover of recruitment marketing, Tina thrives on attracting candidates that would add value to the role, while receiving equal fulfillment in return.

Session: Recruiting For Retention

Torin Ellis
The Torin Ellis Brand

Culture curator and inclusion strategist. Business intelligence and risk mitigation with a focus on humanity.

Session: Invisible Voices

Vanessa Raath
Head Cheerleader/Business Owner/Solopreneur
The Talent Hunter

Vanessa is globally renowned for her contributions to the international Sourcing Community. She has delivered Keynotes across three continents and has trained teams based from Auckland to Seattle. Vanessa launched her Talent Sourcing Training business in early 2019 and has not looked back. She is a qualified teacher with experience in both agency recruiting and internal talent acquisition (she loved both roles!). She now gets to combine her love of empowering others to do better, with her passion for recruiting through her own Online Academy. She loves it when her training delegates experience that ‘light bulb’ moment as she knows that she has just changed someone’s career, for the better. When Vanessa is not doing research for her training, recording content or delivering a Keynote, you can find her at the Beach or in the South African Bushveld, taking photographs.

Session: Using AI to Make Our Lives Easier